As a Dentist I have a special interest in dentofacial aesthetics. Our entire facial structure is very much integrated with our jaw and dentistry, and many of the lines that develop with age are the result of smiles and movements of the mouth. By approaching facial aesthetics from a Dentist’s perspective, my special knowledge of the face and its structures helps me achieve natural and lasting results for my clients

Dr Kealey Thomas

Principal, MyGlow

DR KEALEY’S qualifications

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Newcastle Upon Tyne University, UK, 1993

Advanced Botulinum and Dermal Fillers Training, Derma Medical Training Academy, Brisbane, 2017

Perfect Peel Training, Medica Forte, UK, 2015

Mesotherapy and Microneedling Training, Euromedical Systems, UK, 2013

Sculptra Training, Sanofi Aventus Medical Aesthetics, UK, 2010

Obagi Skin Transformation Products and Proceedures, Obagi Medical, UK, 2009

Mesotherapy Training Course Training, Harley Street, London, UK, 2008

Chemical Peels Training, Harley Street, London, UK, 2008

Advanced Botulinum and Dermal Filler Training, Harley Street, London, UK, 2008

Basic Dermal Filler Training, London, UK, 2006

Basic Botulinum Toxin Training, London, UK, 2006

Introducing Dr Kealey Thomas

Welcome to MyGlow and thanks for stopping by. I’m very excited about introducing MyGlow to Sydneysiders. I’m a practising Dentist, qualified in the UK, and I have developed a special interest in both dental and facial aesthetics. I have been treating men and women with facial injectables for over 10 years in the UK and have actively sought out professional development opportunities to ensure I am using the latest techniques on my clients.

As a Dentist, I have spent years helping people acheive a beautiful smile. Of course the smile is framed by the face and the muscular and skeletal systems of the mouth and face are very much interrelated. By addressing the interplay between the mouth and face a more harmonious result can be acheived when it comes facial injectables. This is what I seek to deliver.

why choose a dentist?

Dentists are among the most qualified practicitioners to perform dentofacial enhancement treatments. Not only do Dentists graduate university with highly specialised knowledge of facial anatomy and structures, but we also know the anotomical layout of the nerves, blood vessels and muscles located in the face. When it comes to facial injectables this knowledge is of the utmost importance. It helps to ensure that you achieve an optimal result from your treatment and it also helps the practicitioner reduce the potential risks and side effects that can be associated with facial treatments.

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